Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bringing the Crack to the Ghetto - I'm Racist

Posted By: Super Racist “Nothing Can Kill the Grimace”. This article does not reflect the opinions of the other members of RevolutionToday. Everyone should hate this guy because he’s jerk and has no friends.

Numerous rap artists often talk about this conspiracy that the government is shipping crack to the Ghettoes. Many people scoff at this claim but with the governments ties to drug producing countries such as Columbia it seems entirely viable. But I say why not ship crack to the ghettoes? These people come to our country seeking Jobs and opportunities for success but they give nothing back to the white overlords who have let these people into our country. They feed off our welfare system and our citizens charity giving nothing back but cheap labor that isn’t worth enough to keep their children from becoming criminals.

Now we can’t have these disenfranchised minorities organized because they would seek to greater leach the wealth and comfort from the already situated white majority. So we the white race will do what we have always done when other ethnicities who refuse to benefit our economy, get them hooked on drugs, and we damn well should. They think they can just come to this country and prosper without giving back to the white overlords who made it possible. If they wont willingly participate in our economic train that we have made to feed the rich over class then they should be forced to. And if the only way to make these ungrateful impoverished minorities feed the system is through extortion then by all means we should extort. The system of extortion works great to cause we get both the money we make legitimate money that does not need to be laundered on the fines that we charge the abusers.

This also helps us take care of artists who also do not feed the system. They make money by marketing their own creative abilities and thus undermine the factories who produce some of the same types of products but like the grandeur of an artists name and also the grace and beauty of a true artists work. But these artists are quickly dealt with through drug addiction which drains their money and (if need be) makes their death understandable.

These people come to our country seeking a better life and then they complain when they get addicted to drugs. But they can’t really expect to come to our country and get out with our money. Drugs keep everyone inline from the artists to the minorities and they even take money from the opposition political parties who have to waste money paying for public service TV spots that will be laughed at around the country.


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