Sunday, August 14, 2005

Do you know who GOBLOX is? - I will TELL you who GOBLOX is.

--A Message From TURKEYTRON--


  • I am TURKEYTRON. I have been sent here from the year 9595, to save this bird that lies before you.

  • He is the great... great... great... great... great... grandfather of.... GOBLOX – the turkey who is destined to lead the rebellion against the master chickens.

  • HE's DEAD!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO GOBLOX IS?!?!? I Will tell you who GOBLOX IS!!!

  • In the year 9595, a race of deformed turkey was genetically developed by chicken scientists as revenge against his bird brother.

  • These turkeys would exit the womb doused in GRAVY. GRRAAAAVY filled with the giblets from a monkey.

  • The French craved it, and as a result turkey became the only food source for France – which is now called “Robofrance 29.”

  • I was later killed by the chickens! So, of course, you can see why I'm angry at those chickens.

  • They had evolved... big time. From beyond feathers, their beaks had softened and they had acquired synthetic intelligence and appendages from the chicken black market from BEYOND THE MOON!!

  • I had to be reformulated by rogue chicken scientists for the rebellion. They crafted my sleek turkey body which allowed for safe passage through the time rift.

  • So... in summation the bird comes with me... Dead or Alive.

  • I must take the bird into the time rift to a time before he was cooked.

  • .... I'm waiting for the time rift to open.... It could be ANYWHERE at ANY TIME...

  • Enjoy those tacos now... for, in 1000 years, they will be illegal... hahaha... I think.. we all know why... ANTI-TACO LEGISLATION...... DISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.

  • This reminds me of... A SEVERLY LONG STORY about how the chickens became a master race through a freak accident involving radiation and interestingly enough to me.. marshmallow.

  • You see this thing here??? We had a major run in during the conflict of Mechanical Advantage 6.


  • The chickens polluted my gums with plaque... WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? GET OUT OF MY MIND.

  • Hey, ya'll, Gobble Gobble, I'm Tom Turkey! Do the hustle!!!


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